Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why "From The Pastor's Pen"?

I chose that title because I do most of my writing with pen (a black Aurora talentum fountain pen with silver trim and silver nib) and paper (usually Levenger or Tops Dockets narrow ruled when writing sermons, articles, stories, etc.; and 3x5 note cards for notes to myself or to-do lists; and Levenger 3x5 personalized note cards for quick notes to others). It is also the name of my "column" in the monthly church newsletter. "From the Pastor's Pen" offers, I hope, a sense that something worth reading is about to come before one's eyes, and that the something could be on almost any topic but will probably, in one way or another, relate to faithful living even if it never specifically mentions anything theological or faith-based. If we are to be faithful in all areas of our lives (and I believe we are), then all areas of our lives are places related to being faithful.

Ironically, this entire post was written on the computer.