Monday, March 4, 2013

History Channel's The Bible

Watching last night's "The Bible" and ... interesting retelling of the first two creation stories. So often they get conflated into a day by day account (the chapter 1 version) and then goes to Adam (which is in the second creation story), skips everything else in the second creation story, and zips to the formation of Eve from Adam's rib. This one did similar, but went from day 6 to seeing Adam and Eve together in the garden already made, which kind of fits how humanity was created in the first creation story: at the same time, male and female. Kind of a cool effect to begin the movie on Noah's ark, with Noah retelling the creation stories (even though Noah would never have heard of a day by day version of creation, you take what you can get).

I am happy to forgive that Abraham is not called Abram first - that could be confusing, so give it a pass. But I am really bothered that the writers have made the assumption that the "god" that spoke to Abraham was some being already known as God by everyone. This was a brand new god to Abraham and his people - they totally missed a chance to point out how even more extraordinary Abraham's willingness to listen was.